Luk Popp does physical internet stuff.
See some of his latest experiments below.

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Weather-Jukebox, 2018
For the festival «Kulturlandsgemeinde» on the topic «because of wind and weather» the Weather-Jukebox played music according to the real-time weather in a given location. By searching for any place on earth, the current conditions are translated into tempo, danceability, key, etc. and determines which song has to be played.

Projector, Keyboard, Web-Application, PHP, JS, API (Bing, Spotify, Apixu)

Photo: © Kulturlandsgemeinde 2018, Hannes Thalmann
Entangled Things, 2017
Entangled Things is an ongoing series of web-connected everyday-objects. It questions the use of the Internet of Things (IoT) as means to weave a thread between spatially separated locations and tells stories of virtual relatedness.
In 2017 Entangled Things received a work grant by the Ausserrhodische Kulturstiftung.

Everyday Objects, Particle Photon
Thanks China, 2017
To circumvent the «Great Firewall of China» an autonomous LED-Display can be placed in the sight of publicly accessible webcams. As the unsuspicious webcam image is not censored in real-time people in china can see the actually censored tweets. The display runs on battery and can be quickly set up wherever a webcam is accessible from china.

LED-Modules, Tripod, Raspberry Pi, Python, Twitter-API

Read more about Thanks China in Luk's BA-thesis.
Web! 2017
A room-sized loom invites visitors to weave black and white patterns. These patterns are scanned in real time, translated to hex-colors, printed on postcards and displayed on screens. This tribute to the connection of weaving and the binary system was a cooperation with Anna Cordasco

Webcam, Printer, Processing, Bash
Rauschen, 2016
For the anniversary of 500 years of reformation a website collected contemporary theses in the tension field of art and church. To make it tangible where it matters, a hammer was installed inside a church, which knocked each time a thesis was posted online.

Hammer, Motor, Particle Photon, Website, PHP, Wordpress
There You Are, 2015
There You Are is a website you can’t read alone. The more people visiting the website on the same WiFi, the more of it will become visible.

Website, PHP
Design Appenzell Ausserrhoden
Social Urban Zone
Studio Piet
Viertel Bar